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These fotoshots have been made in houses of several owners of Siegbert Hahn's paintings. This picture gallery will be continued as painting owners send adequate pictures of their homes and paintings.  This serial will be continued.  Of course, we present your fotos without publishing neither address nor name.



Verwandlung, 1977, 80 x 100 cm  (Change)



Nächtliche Vision, 1977, 100 x 80 cm
(Vision at nighttime)                                                                                                       


Insights and outlooks
"Ignorantia non est argumentum."
( 'Ignorance is no argument.'  Or:  'Get yourself informed before you argue.' )

Baruch de Spinoza, philosopher, 1632 - 1677  (45 years)

"There was no truth, there is no truth, there will be no truth  - that is the truth."

Gertrude Stein, author, 1874 - 1946  (72 years)

"The artist must never become a favorite of his time."

Friedrich Schiller, poet, historian, 1759 - 1808  (49 years)

"The bestseller lists of today are the cemetary lists of tomorrow."

Siegfried Unseld, editor of several publishing houses, 1924 - 2002  (78 years)

"We have art so we are not destroyed by reality."

Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher, 1844 - 1900  (56 years)

"Life is much too short for drinking wine of inferior quality."

Martin Luther, reformer, 1483 - 1546  (63 years)

"Tutto è un scherzo d'amore"
( "Everything is a play of love" ) [ Tutto  =  the being, the life, the destiny ]

P. Pio,  Capuchin monk, 1887 - 1968  (81 years)

"If the past no longer lightens the future, the mind will walk in darkness."

Alexis de Tocqueville, politician, historian, 1805 - 1859 (54 years)


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