Unity of opposites  - Polarity

...  Everything has its opposite, there is a reverse side to everything, every positive can be turned into a negative.

But united in the same cause, opposites are mutually dependent:  there is no pole without a counterpole.  ...

Part of natura mystica  −  in a polar sense  −  is the counterdesign to lifegiving Nature, as when the painter shows us its endangered state, or juxtaposes to it artifacts created by Man.  ...

Coincidentia oppositorum
(2000) 40 x 40 cm

The Janus tree (1987) 60 x 70 cm*

The law of
is a part

the state in
 finds himself

 our life can
imagined nor

of the
which Man
in this world.

be neither

The Janus law (1991) 60 x 70 cm*

The Janus avenue (1991) 60 x 70 cm


  The Janus road
(1998) 80 x 110 cm


The other side
(1999) 60 x 85 cm*

  Two in the egg
(1997) 60 x 85 cm

  Forced into the polarity
(2008) 60 x 60 cm