The natural diversity of fish in shape and colour is immense.  Adapted to local conditions, they inhabit almost all the places on earth where there is water. Their existence remains as mysterious as the dark depths of the lakes and the seas.

Fish live in a world that is alien to Man.  Their habitat, water, is only partially accessible to human experience.

Without equipment we are unable to survive for any length of time in its depths.  ...  Our two habitats are mutually incompatible.


The dream fish
(1966) 40 x 50 cm

Furthermore, with few exceptions, fish are mute.  Hence their existence remains for us impenetrably and silently alien.

The metamorphosis, the play of his fluctuating existence as a fish, is the subject of Siegbert Hahn's numerous fish paintings.

These are fish of the imagination.  It is never a question of depicting a fish according to the dictates of zoology.  ...

Mostly the painter has them 'swimming' in the air.

The ruby fish
(1967) 60 x 70 cm

The forest fish (1999) 80 x 100 cm*