Natura mystica®

There is a mystery at the heart of Nature.  It is the mystery of life itself. Why is Nature the way it is ?  What is the reason for it all ?

The material of Siegbert Hahn's world of images is Nature in the widest sense, but also things that are man-made, like houses or industrial objects.  He wreathes these areas around with surprising metamorphoses, inventions and transformations between the crystalline, the vegetable and the animal.  We see landscapes, grottos, woods, trees, fruits, creatures, fish and birds, also eggs and houses.

One example:  'The autumn bird'

The autumn bird, 1970, 80 x 100*  (sold)

All these creations and individual beings have direct relationship with Man. For, the landscapes and grottos, the trees and animals are not understood here as copies of Nature.  They are there to show the conditio humana as the painter perceives it:  fate, joy, fear and fight, dying and becoming.  Sometimes his theme is just the portrayal of life, sufficient unto itself, serenely content with itself.

The visual arts have always concerned themselves with the eternal themes of human existence.  The themes are not new.  But the way Siegbert Hahn gives expression to these truths in the language of his images does seem to be new.  This is original indeed. 
His Natura mystica®:  'The autumn bird' as symbol for beauty and dying, attack and resistance, fate and the hope that a new spring will come ...

The chapters are grouped according to the evolutionary phases of the mysterious Creation:  With the big-bang, nearly 14 thousand million years ago, Space and Time have come into existence.  Then all developed out if itself, until to us Men.


On principle each picture is assigned to only one of the chapters.  But the message of some paintings is ambiguous.  Therefore such paintings are shown in two or more chapters.


All paintings shown in this website are for sale, with the exemption of those marked 'sold' or 'reserved'.  Paintings reproduced in the art book 'Natura mystica' (chapter 'Book sales') are marked with a star *. 
Picture measurements in cm:  height x width.

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